I have always been motivated by my passion to serve, which includes my goal of helping people to acquire the tools to enhance their life. My health care career has ranged from working as a Registered Nurse in a NYC major medical center, to my current practice as an Adlerian Psychotherapist/Clinical Nurse Specialist. I use goal-directed individual and couple psychotherapy.
My spirituality training at The Center of the Light in Great Barrington, Massachusetts allows me to integrate spirituality into my psychotherapy work. I was also trained as a hypnotherapist, which has resulted in my extensive work using Past Life Regression Therapy, in addition to the enhancement of self-esteem, smoke cessation and weight management.
I have  found that the Past Life Regression Therapy work helps people to understand their lifestyle patterns and make life changes. This work is more goal-directed than traditional psychotherapy.

During the past 38 years I have worked in Private Practice as a Psychotherapist/Clinical Nurse Specialist in New York City. I use a variety of techniques such as hypnotherapy and altered states of consciousness in order to facilitate the Past Life Regressions which I have worked with during the past 28 years. While I continued to explore my own spiritual path, I found that my interest in Buddhism was piqued as I embraced a belief in Reincarnation. That changed the nature of my work. As an outgrowth of the Past Life Regression Therapy work, I found that patients responded well and changed their life path. The dimensionality of the Past Life Regression Therapy work transcended all of my prior work.

I am certified by IBRT, the  International Board of Regression Therapy. I was one of the first experienced Psychotherapists who is also a Past Life RegressionTherapy practitioner in New York City who has been recommended to seekers for many years by Dr. Brian Weiss. He is a leading expert on Past LifeTherapy throughout the world and the author of the best-selling book Many Lives, Many Masters and Through Time Into Healing.