What is Past Life Regression Therapy?

Past Life Regression Therapy is based on a belief in Reincarnation-a belief that your soul continues to evolve by incarnating into different lifetimes to work through chronic problems. Insights will be revealed to you from your regression experiences, which will allow you to understand your chronic life problems with more clarity and wisdom. The goal is to learn from each incarnation and become enlightened so that you never have to come "back." This often takes lifetimes of practice.

Why people come to experience past life regression therapy?

Many people told me that they were searching for their current life purpose while others wanted to experience a more in-depth exploration of their spiritual path. Some just wanted to know who they had been in another life because of some deja vu experiences. Through their Past Life Regression experiences people often found their life purpose while they experienced increased life meaning. As a result of these re-enactments they stated that they felt that their life is interconnected with people throughout the world.

Common questions about Past Life Regression Therapy

1 . Do I have to believe in Reincarnation for past life regression to work?
Some people who told me that they did not believe in reincarnation, said that they reacted to a Past Life Regression experience as a metaphor for their current life problems. They were still able to make life changes and gain an expanded awareness of their life purpose in this lifetime. As a result of the Past Life Regression experience, people developed either a belief in reincarnation or said that their spiritual beliefs were affected by their experience.

2. Can I be hypnotized?
Most people are able to be hypnotized if they are open to the experience. Working with a psychotherapist with whom you feel that you can trust is important. In a trusting environment you can then feel comfortable enough to allow yourself to be hypnotized. It is important that you think of being open to whatever is important for your highest good.

3. How can I use Past Life Regression in my life?
The Past Life Regression Therapy helps people to explore their prior lifetimes. The insights which are gleaned from these experiences usually results in a broader life understanding which can help you to deal more effectively with your current and chronic life problems.

4. How can I select the right practitioner for this type of work?
The psychotherapist should be spiritually aware, have a knowledge and belief in reincarnation and be able to deal with the many issues that may arise during a session. Listen to your intuition and you will know if you feel comfortable with that person. Ask them how long they have been using this modality and whether they feel that this work has helped other clients. This is more than another technique.