Adlerian Psychotherapy is based on a holistic view, is goal-directed and emphasizes social interest in a person's life.This therapy is based on the work of Dr. Alfred Adler who was a contemporary of Freud and Jung. Through this lifestyle analysis you can explore the role that biased life apperceptions plays in your life and that continues to affect the way that you view the world. You will explore early recollections, birth order position including sibling interactions, dream analysis and an understanding of your life movement. Spiritual exploration is an integral component. I use a variety of modalities tailored for the individual's exploration with both individuals and couples.


Gain an increased awareness of your lifestyle patterns that currently pervade your personal, work and love life. You can change those patterns as you become more aware of the negative impact that these patterns have on your life.The way you view the world is shaped by six years of age and those psychological beliefs shape all situations throughout your life. If you continue to see the glass as half-empty or half-full, those views will directly affect how you see your life. For example, when positive things occur you may see them as negative because your world view doesn't allow for positive things to come to you.

These perceptions are such an integral part of your lifestyle that you can become more aware of the discrepancies. In a few sessions you can gain a broader awareness of those patterns and make plans to change them as you transform your life. This is not psychotherapy but serves as a tool to help you to understand your life more clearly.


Through trance-work and hypnotherapy you can learn how to work on a personalized hypnotherapy plan to help you to effect changes in your life. With suggestions that are specifically relevant to your current problems you can begin to add an additional dimension to your plans for smoke cessation, weight control, self-confidence, self-empowerment, stress management and pain control.
This work is based on a spiritual framework, which recognizes that we are always protected by a higher power and surrounded by the light. We are never alone and are always supported by the energy within the universe.
In a few sessions you can gain increased control in your life and begin to focus on habits that have been difficult for you to change. You can learn self-hypnosis and techniques to help you overcome stress.